July 12, 2024
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World Nature Conservation day

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Warli Painting competition was conducted on the occasion of World Nature Conservation Day at St. John Junior College on 28th July 2021. The programme was organized by Miss. Prajakta Thakur.

The main purpose of celebrating World Nature Conservation Day is to conserve the animals and trees that are extinct from the natural environment of the Earth.

Nineteen Students actively participated in the competition. Students were judged on the basis of  originality,creativity,neatness,perfection and  over all effect.

Competition was conducted through online mode. The students made a painting and sent to us.

Winners of Warli painting competition:

  1. Arpita Patil (12th Commerce)             Rank 1st
  2. Kritika Dubey  (12th  Commerce)      Rank 2nd
  3. Vedika Bhoye (12th Science)             Rank 3rd
  4. Dhruv Agrawal  (12th Science)         Rank 3rd