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  • Date: Saturday, Jun 18, 2022
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World Blood Donor Day was celebrated on 18th June 2022, under the guidance of the Coordinator Mr. Aakash Khandekar. The main purpose of blood donation is to treat people suffering from blood diseases with the help of blood transfusion. This process began in the mid 1600s but was banned in several countries due to improper methods and low success rate. In the 1900s the doctors discovered the transfusion process.

Our students participated in different events like skits,drama, poster presentations and speeches. Mrs. Suchita Gharat the Principal and other staff members attended this event and encouraged the students. The Main purpose of this event was to spread an important message regarding blood donation.Today India requires more blood donors ,as a responsible citizen one should donate blood and encourage others to do the same as a single drop of blood can make a huge difference to lives of the needy.