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Doha Pratiyogita

  • Date: Saturday, Sep 17, 2022
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“Doha Competition” was organized in St. John’s Junior College on the occasion of Hindi Diwas on 17th September, 2022. Mrs. Savita Gupta, a professor of Hindi subject, organized this competition with the students of class XII and XI. For all round development and emotional development of the students, students were asked to assimilate and speak the couplets composed by saints from Hindi language. Through this, they were taught to respect teachers, teachers, parents and needy people of the society.
First of all, the importance of Hindi Day and why Hindi Day is celebrated? In this context, Professor Savita Gupta gave detailed information. Various programs were organized to enhance the dignity of Hindi Diwas. The students of class XI built up the vocabulary of non-Hindi speaking students through word games. The students of class XII made the Hindi day bright by taking the puzzle under this game ‘Boojho To Jaane’. Other students of the class made bhatika letters, which showed their passion for the Hindi language. Reflecting the history of the development of Hindi language, the writings of Hindi writers were highlighted.
 “Doha Competition” was organized to convey the moral words of Saint and Mahatma to non-Hindi speaking students. In the presented competition, couplets of saints like Kabir ji, Rahim ji, Guru Nanak ji, Meera Bai ji etc. were selected. In this competition, Savita ji presented Doha of Guru Nanak ji and also explained their meaning. In the “Doha Competition” organized on the occasion of Hindi Diwas, three students out of the participating students were trained on effective and definite points. Professor Swati Giri and Professor Pranjali Patil ji gave marks to the students who participated in this competition.
Following are the names of the winners participating students 
1) Kumar Ambesh Dubey Class:12th Arts Dept.
2) Kumari Priya Bhagat Class:12th Science Dept.
3) Kumari Harshita Jethani Class:11th Arts Dept.