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Talent Competition

  • Date: Saturday, Aug 10, 2019
  • Location: St. John Junior College
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A Talent Competition was conducted on the occasion of International Youth Day at St. John Junior College on August 10th 2019. The programme was organised by Mrs. Mary Rojan.

The programme was introduced as a platform to encourage students to expose their hidden talents in various forms like Singing, Dancing, Painting, Nail Art, Mehandi, Hair Style, Musical Instruments etc. Each student was allotted two minutes to explore their own talent.

Many students participated in the competition. Each student performed there unique talent in their own way in a creative manner. The overall result was judged on the basis of Confidence, Originality, Style, Perfection, Value of the Content and Creativity.

The programme was also an encouraging platform for the beginners. The programme was successful to develop a sense of confidence in the minds of the students and to remove stage fear. The Result was announced for the same.

The programme was concluded by Vote of Thanks by Mrs. Mary Rojan.