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Quiz Competition

  • Date: Saturday, Sep 28, 2019
  • Time: 1.15 PM - 3.00PM
  • Location: St.John Junior college
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St. John Junior College organized Quiz Competition for the Junior College students on 28th September, 2019. The major objective of the programme was to make the students aware of the importance of rivers and Sign Language for the special child.
The Quiz Competition Topic was “Rivers and Sign Language” as it was conducted on the occasion of World Rivers Day and International Sign Language. The Competition started with the introduction of the Days by Deepa M. Rajwar. Five Groups participated in the competition.
There were five members in each group. The questions were presented to the students through Powerpoint. Three Rounds were conducted with buzzer. The students actively participated in the competition.
The programme concluded with declaring the winners- Group 1 i.e XI Commerce and Runner up Group 4 i.e XII Science Students.

The following are the details of students :
1.Gayatri Sane
2.Ruhi Shukla
3.Aastha Vartha
4.Pragati Gupta
5.Amrita Singh

Runner up
1.Jaymin Jani
2.Melvin Tauro
4.Pauras Raut
5.Sudhir Chavan