February 5, 2023
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Glimpses of the Year 2018


Two successful years of St. John Junior College are completed. Year by year college is growing in all senses... strength of the students, faculty, activities and achievements. The year 2018 was the accomplishments of two years of hard-work and efforts. This was not possible without the guidance of our Principal, dedicated Faculty and talented students.

Events for Faculty Members :

Faculty Development Programme (FDP) was scheduled from June 27th to June 29th for all new faculty members with the intention of bringing together all departments and commencing the academic year with common goals and action plans. A special programme for HODs was organised on 30th June across all departments in Campus. 

Events for Students :

  • Balika Diwas was celebrated on the occasion of Savitribai Phule’s birth anniversary January 3rd. The students performed skit to showcase importance of girls education.
  • Sports Day was organised on January 6th under the leadership of Mrs. Mary Rojan. Many students sportively participated in indoor and outdoor games.
  • Cultural Week was celebrated from January 8th to January 12th. On January 8th, Peace Day was celebrated with Rangoli and Drawing Competitions. On January 9th, Environment Day was celebrated with Best Out of Waste and Mehendi Competitions. Technology Day was celebrated on January 10th with Elocution and Photography Competitions. On January 11th, Bollywood Day was celebrated with Dance and One Act Play competitions. On January 12th, Traditional Day was celebrated with Singing and Antakshari Competitions.
  • Annual Day was celebrated on January 13th in St. John Technical Campus on “Incredible India” theme. Different states were given to all institutes. Junior college performed for North and North-East states by blending Kashmiri, Bihu and Bengali dance forms. Mrs. Suchita Gharat and Ms. Vibhuti More co-ordinated the event gloriously.
  • Science Fest was held on January 25th and 26th at inter-collegiate level under the guidance of Ms. Priyanka Tavares and Ms. Sharon D’souza. Junior college students bagged the Second Prize for ‘Manually operated Washing Machine’. 
  • Farewell was organised on February 2nd for SYJC students. The dances and skit was performed by FYJC students.
  • Marathi Diwas was celebrated on February 27th as birth anniversary of Kusumagraj. The skit was performed by students to emphasis importance of Marathi language.
  • National Science Day was celebrated on February 28th by FYJC Science students through PPT and speeches under the guidance of Mr. Rupesh Bavlekar and Mr. Dipesh Patil.
  • Industrial Visit was organised on March 1st at Printania Offset Pvt. Ltd., Palghar to provide first hand information about working of business sector.
  • International Women’s Day was organised by Junior College boys on March 8th in Event hall. A programme started with poem recited by Mrs. Suchita Gharat ‘The creation of God’. Different games were organised for girls and teachers. The PPT on Famous Women of India was presented.
  • Environment Day was celebrated June on 5th with great enthusiasm including speeches and PPT presentation by students.
  • International Yoga Day was observed on June 21st. Importance of yoga was discussed along with learning and demonstration of Pranayam by Mrs. Suchita Gharat.
  • World Population Day was observed on July 11th by conducting Debate. It was co-ordinated by Mrs. Sulabha Kenkare with topics ‘Population - Liability or Asset’ (Commerce) and ‘Technology v/s Human Resources’ (Science). 
  • Induction and Orientation Programme for FYJC students was organised on July 14th. The new FYJC students were welcomed and addressed by Chief Guest, Chairman and Principal.
  • Guru Poornima was celebrated on July 27th by students. Mrs. Chinmayi Churi and Ms. Deepa Rajwar presented PPT on the relationship of Guru and Shishya.
  • Career 360 session was conducted by Mrs. Suchita Gharat on August 4th and 18th to inform career choices to students.
  • International Youth Day was celebrated on August 13th by conducting Talent Competition. The event was carried out by Mrs. Mary Rojan.
  • Teacher’s Day was enthusiastically celebrated by students on September 5th. Speeches, songs, dances were presented by the students.
  • Hindi Day was celebrated on September 14th by enacting Skit to highlight importance of Hindi language. The celebration ended with a beautiful poem written and recited by Ms. Anamika Tiwad.
  • On September 22nd, the students of FYJC and SYJC Science visited Bio-Tech Exhibition at Dandekar College, Palghar along with the Faculty.
  • Gandhi Jayanti was celebrated on October 3rd by organising Poster Competition on the topic ‘Clean Earth’ by Ms. Renubala Yadav.
  • Career Counselling Programme was organised for SYJC students in St. John Campus on October 5th to acquaint them with career options. The valuable guidance was given by Chairman sir Mr. Albert W. D’souza. Dr. Savita Tauro, Principal of St. John Institute of Pharmacy and Research and Dr. Ajit Kumar, Principal of St. John College of Humanities and Sciences, guided students of Science and Commerce & Arts respectively.
  • International Food Day was celebrated on October 10th. Cooking Competition was held by Mrs. Swapnali Hooli.
  • Constitution Day was celebrated on November 26th. The students read Preamble of India. Mrs. Suchita Gharat mentioned the significance of the day.
  • World AIDS Day was observed on December 3rd to bring awareness in the students. The PPT was presented by students under the guidance of Ms. Ankita Hatkar and Ms. Priyanka Tavares.
  • Quiz Competition was held by Mr. Kashif Shaikh on “Human Rights Day” on December 12th to test the knowledge of students regarding Human Rights.
  • National Mathematics Day was celebrated on December 22nd. Mathematical tricks, quiz etc. presented under the guidance of Ms. Prajakta Thakur.


In addition to above activities, the daily academic sessions by experienced faculty trained and nurtured all students and prepared them for the challenges of the life.